Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I closed my Ebay store today

Should I feel sad after one year of "Purple Sage Handmade Designz" on Ebay? I don't think so.
First, let me say, I have had super customers on Ebay, a few non-payers, but overall they were just great. Thanks so much, guys. Will I leave Ebay completely? No, I will list auctions or Fixed price items as long as there is interest in my work.
But keeping an Ebay store just seemed worthless. Hidden from search, 10% final Value Fee, it takes the fun and ambition out of the store-ownership. The final straw was the new search "playground". Too much best-matching, pre-formatting search results, too far away from a true natural search where you just can pull up whatever you typed into the search bar.
Now I will offer some of my "liberated" hats on Etsy and on my website for your consideration.
See great deals and from now on strictly auctions only on Ebay here

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