Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Keeping the official Purple Sage Designz fresh with new hippie hats

What's New? (updated April 25, 2012)
Always fresh with new OOAK creations
Today I have added 3 dread tams/ slouchy beanies
Variety of materials and styles:)
Check out the newest additions below.

It's nice to list and sell on Etsy, but independence from any venue is my goal for the coming months.
Please check back often because there are many new designs in the "making":)

hemp cotton sari silk snood tam

slouchy thick wool tam with stripes

great gender neutral rec. wool tam in smaller size

Sunday, April 22, 2012

More custom color hippie dread tams added

What's New? (updated April 23, 2012)
Let the sunshine in..., friends!
Update with new custom color dread tams and slouchy beanies
And sportive striped ready to ship tam.
Check out the newest additions below.
I have a quick turn around for custom orders, not weeks but days only:)

color choice hemp wool tam

slouchy visor tam pick your color

great gender neutral larger striped tam

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A little bit about MOI...the person behind Purple Sage Designz

On this blog I tend to keep it about my handmade products. Or the vintage style and home decor I so much enjoy. Or our dogs, yard, garden....
Today I'll sneak in a little post about me, for that personal human touch in a mainly corporate and outsourced to overseas world of accessory and clothing production.

At times it's hard for me to authentically express myself in English which is my 2nd language. Another reason why I often prefer to use pictures of my products over language as blog content:)

I am owner, CEO, COO, designer, maker,  customer service person and shipping assistant all in 1 person. Maybe one day soon I will hire part time assistance for packing and shipping. I would really love to have more time for the actual crochet process and designing new things.

 (picture taken at a casino with almost weekly music concerts, I personally don't care for gambling)

I don't stand out when I go somewhere in public. I don't take good pictures. My new (and highly necessary glasses) reflect too much light and don't work well for good images. Actually my style is not formal, but I still like to wear a man-jacket inspired blazer from time to time. I used to wear authentic men suit jackets before they were adapted by women and became a staple for women's biz attire. My "uniform" is usually jeans, worn leather purse, colorful tunic top, moccs or boots, all very 70s:)
I am passionate about 1970s authentic clothes, home decor and music.
I just recently started to use a cell ph on a regular basis and enjoy my smart phone after a painful time of figuring it out. I embraced computers early, but it took me a long time to consider social media. I am not an activist, but am liberal and participate in recycling, eco friendly home life. I love to walk and be outside.
It took me a while to adjust to the American life style, but I would like to call myself a flexible person and try to keep an open mind while holding on to some German traditions, especially when it comes to cooking and nutrition.
I am aware that with my line of work I don't save lives or Mother Earth, but at the same time I am happy to be on my path of making goods by hand and keep ethics and environmentally friendliness in my business.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April website update...great new variety of tams and slouchy beanies

What's New? (updated April 11, 2012)
Happy April!
This spring month can surprise us with any kind of weather:)
Update with new dread tams and slouchy beanies
Variety is in the air!
Check out the newest additions below.

unique brown tweed tam with ribbon

slouchy beanie in pure sage wool

great gender neutral larger earthy tam

Monday, April 9, 2012

Willie Nelson & Family live concert

Another great concert at the First Council Casino in Newkirk (last Saturday). We loved the show.
Having the chance to sit on front row seats and the smaller location makes us appreciate these events so much more. 
With me being a fan of mainly classic 70s soul music, Willie Nelson is one of the rare country/folk singers I truly admire.
Enjoy the pictures:)