Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is this really how a "handmade designer" works? -- Ashley Paige on TLC Bikini or Bust

When I crochet, I either watch "Law&Order", Anthony Bourdaine on the Travel Channel, the Discovery Channel. And a lot of TLC reality shows. These programs work best for me to create/work and not feel completely "left out". If you know what I mean.
So I was very curious about the bikini designer Ashley Paige who designs, produces and sells handmade knit and crochet swim-wear. I have since researched some of her designs, her pattern book "Sexy Little Knits", and I have to admit, she does gorgeous work.
But so far what I learn from the show "Bikini or Bust" Ashley lives a life from one chaotic financial crisis to the next, with a lot of screaming and catastrophes going on at the Paige head quarters, an abundance of people/employees as entourage, and as overall- theme a designer who is both young, pretty and talented (and has a nice personality), but who doesn't really have her act together.
Too bad, it's so much bravo-like cliche reality TV.
And probably far off from reality, because, honestly, if all this private hoopla was the focal point of her life, she probably would have never made it to where she is now in her career.
Maybe I will see more of this in later episodes, but so far it seems like a missed chance to get more insight into a "small" (even though popular) clothing design business. With bikinis made in Hollywood, Ca., USA. Probably one of the last well-known names who produces in the USA.
But I understand that these shows are not made for me and my curiosity about how another small design business does IT, but it's on air for the sensation seekers, the drama and the comedy lovers. So sad and funny at the same time when Ashley's mother is the fodder for laughs on the show. She is way too sweet for that.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Empowering the Women Entrepreneurs of this world

I finally signed up with Kiva and chose the

Jawas Pancarita Group in Bolivia

for my first loan of $25.