Friday, August 31, 2007

Between American and German lifestyles...

and what made me chuckle today.
Misunderstandings: Life in the Fast Lane at German Supermarkets
This article just nails it on the head, so if you plan to visit Germany and go shopping there, that's the way shopping happens in Germany (I know, I have lived there most of my life)
Here is another excerpt that made me smile, because I somehow felt the awkwardness of being new to the USA and not knowing how to deal with these little "differences".
I love both countries, and it's fun to read about those fine little touches when it comes to "what defines our lifestyles".

Here are some excerpts from Neddens' own personal "top ten reasons you know you're a (newly arrived) German in Washington, DC":

--When you have to defend your plate in a restaurant from being taken away while you're still eating.
--When filling out online applications (for an apartment, insurance, bank account) and being asked to insert your previous address you have to a) leave it blank (rarely possible when you want to proceed with the application) or b) decide you've lived in Delaware before (DE is the default ending of German websites), since there is no way to insert a foreign address.
--When a few raindrops or snowflakes are announced as being a "storm", which is followed by the advice to stock up on milk and toilet paper.
--When having a salami and cheese "butterbrot" sandwich, an apple and a cup of coffee for lunch is considered a healthy lifestyle by your colleagues.
--When trying to explain to friends and colleagues how car sharing works, you get three typical questions: a) (slightly scandalized) "Do we really have American companies doing this kind of business in our cities?", b) (honestly concerned) "Aren't you afraid of germs in these cars?", c) (completely unable to grasp the concept) "Why would you ever do that?" Also, while you're smoking a cigarette on a bike, friendly Americans constantly remind you that these two things really don't fit together, apparently unaware that a bike can be an ecological means of daily commuting instead of a gym workout or recreation.
--Americans are very nice and helpful people and we really enjoy living in Washington. However, don't necessarily expect anyone to call you back if they happen to work for a company that you thought would provide you with cable TV, phone, internet access ...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I switched to Handmade soap

and body care products. It was a natural step to take, but it took a while for me to find out that these wonderful items were for sale on Etsy.
Here are some of the soaps that I received from Etsy seller Lunastar.
She also has great body butters and other fine stuff in an awesome selection of fragrances. I shared some of the soaps with my husband who is always very skeptical about trying something new besides his usual routine products. He was very pleased with them, too.
Give handmade a try, the lather of goat milk soap is rich and I literally can feel my skin getting back it's natural ph balance. And Carrie of Lunastar is an expert about natural skin care and you won't be disappointed to order from this friendly and experienced seller.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Life away from the BIZ

I am a very private person, maybe it's my generation, or just me...I feel that I don't need or that I should not publish family pictures or details about my life that go too far into my private sphere or of my family or friends for that matter. So, just bare with me.
Today I would like to share Oscar, or aka "Babba doggie". He's the best little friend I can imagine. Kind natured, very laid back but with a touch of being comical. He has adopted us when he was about 5 months old and came into our backyard one night, apparently homeless and not taken care of, he stayed with us ever since. That's over a year ago now. This sweet little fellow is an Australian Kelpie (cowdog), perhaps a bit small for his breed, but apparently almost full breed. This is a hardy breed, most fit for rough weather. The only thing he does not like is water (and bathing....but he doesn't get a choice on this one).
My husband believes that indoor living spoils a dog's senses and instincts, so he is an outside dog. We have a huge backyard and it's Oscar's territory. (And all the neighbor dogs live outside as well, they all have nice dog houses and lots of freedom to run, bark and dig ...o well!)
Since I craft I thought I'd just mention that Oscar is not allowed where my crafting happens.
It was a weekend off from crocheting and sewing. Sometimes this is just a must. Creativity will only happen if life is being lived.
It was powwow weekend for the Ponca tribe. Also a lot of family meetings and happenings.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Crocheting in Rainbow Colors

I have been super busy these past few days, there is always so much going on...but that's life..haha
I am into lots of color these days and have started to list a few colorful tams, but don't worry, I still love my earth colors and will never cease to crochet my hats in earthy tones as well. but here are a few new designs, they are simple but pretty.
I will compile a long list of other handmade or general online sites for shopping. I think I will expand and try a few new options. But as for today, sharing my COLORS, more to come, too.
(These hats are available on Etsy...see link on the left sidebar)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

New Patchwork Hippie Skirt for my "End of Summer" designs

Ok, I really mixed it up in this one, cottons, corduroy and wool blend. And if I didn't have so many clothes I'd keep this skirt. Perfectly comfortable and you can wear it anywhere, casual or "put together" if you need to.
Well, it was hot and I just tried it on for a modelling picture, changed into my shorts immediately, not a day I want to dress up.
Ice-tea and BBQ day... I am a German by nationality married in Oklahoma (long story to be told another time) and I once swore to myself never to complain about a nice hot summer, so, there it goes, I got what I wished for.To be continued...........LOL
on Etsy

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

100 degrees urghhhhhhhhhh

A little blog break...and crocheting break for that matter. I sold 2 scarves and several hats during the last few days, thanks so much sweet buyers.
It is hoooooooooooot in oklahoma and a great part of the USA.
I have listed a lot of new stuff on Etsy and will go back to my air-conditioned sewing for a few days, get back into the swing of patchworking and drafting a few new patterns for something completely NEW......
Everyone have an ice cold coffee shake and kick back!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Scrambling...How I start my patchwork

I think I have found a quicker way how to start a patchwork project. I have tons of fabric and it always takes me soooo long to make up my mind, what fabric with what? So, I decided to scramble. I pull out 6 fabrics for a skirt (still too matchy, but I am getting better) and cut up 6 panels. Devide those 6 panels into 12 panels, sew the panels together and cut the skirt in 3 tiers. Voila....
the skirt is finished, going from 12 panels on my table to something you can wear.

This evening I will go back to crocheting, can't wait to create something with this lot of hemp/wool yarns, all natural and undyed, I just need to create with it.