Sunday, July 31, 2011

End of July 2011, finally:)...& Smokey Robinson Concert

This month was a PITA, hot as July can be with no end in sight yet. The days just become one big blurr.
The Otoe Missouria Tribe had their yearly encampment (powwow) and this is the first year I didn't go at all. I was swamped with orders, but also recovering from a long period of headache caused by heat and general stress. Stress as in "Finishing the studio". I had arranged a big part of my yarns in one of the shelves when we realized that the wood was still releasing chemical fumes, so all work had been done in vein and the yarn went back into my sealed totes. As we learned on google a green way to get rid of these residues is:
bowls of vinegar
rub shelves with baby oil
Now we are waiting:)...1 whole week should do the trick.
Highlight of last weekend:
Smokey Robinson concert, with us in the 2nd front rows and centered. A great concert and I attempted a little video with my cheap camera.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hippie tams, berets, sock tams, dread hats and everything else, free shipping coupon for my Etsy shop

FREE SHIPPING USA & Canada, use coupon Shipfree07 when checking out (Canadians will have the shipping refunded when they send me a quick message about the coupon, coupons with immediate free shipping will only work for domestic orders, no other international destinations at this point, sorry:)...Expires July 29th, midnight Central time.)
I will not honor expired coupon codes...just for this limited time only:)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My tams look good on PPP models:)

Lovely Shauna of Poor Pitiful Pearl on Etsy had incorporated one of my smaller retro tams into her photoshoot of her fantastic recycled clothing. Thanks girl!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Good things are happening in the "work shop"

I can finally use my mannequins to the full potential. I know that most buyers love to see the products on real people, but not every one has a beautiful model at hand. So my two girls do serve me well.
This shrug consists mainly of recycled yarns: cotton blend, sari silk, banana plant fiber.

Patchwork hippie dread tam, similar to shrug, but not matchy-matchy

More tam hats from the Bohemian streetwear collection:

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Still in of the studio

I am not quite there yet...shelving, a seating area and my sewing tables will complete the work space. It's like moving into a new house, with boxes and bags every where. And the going is slow in hot 100F plus Oklahoma.
The mannequins had to get dressed quickly...pardon the style, or lack of such:)
west wall....
South wall, left door leads to the front property and is an entrance from the street, right door leads to the storage area (or man cave with power tools as my hubby proclaimed:)...white shelf will have coffeemaker on it.
 North East corner...make shift sitting area and more boxes
door from the back yard, on the left is the bathroom which still needs to be finished with sink and stool, salvaged old sewing table under the cooling/heating unit
I tried to capture the big space in the middle of the room where the work tables will go...
I do love this industrial fan and 3 rows of lighting will brighten the room on even the darkest days.
The commute: from patio along our little garden to work:)

More transition: from short blond back to long haired brunette, I am hanging in there and just let the locks grow:)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Never stand still...more Fall 2011 novelties in the Etsy shop much going on, so little time to blog about it.
So I will leave it at sharing new additions to the Fall/Winter 2011 hat collection;
handknit crazy fair isle tams
More shell stitching for the BoHo tams
urban ribbed tam

Once Sid and I will be moved into our new work space I will have so much more time and room to create. I am already looking forward to fall, who wouldn't in 100F plus every day:)