Sunday, May 31, 2009

I like modeling ...NOT

Some clothes don't show well on a dress form...and you think about displaying them on a real person.
And wind up with yourself modeling the skirt.
Sometimes you just have to get over yourself, leave your self consciousness behind and get the job done.
Especially when your hubby just finished beading a choker and would like to have a picture of it...on me.
I popped on one of my wool tams to make the photo fun complete.
Skirt available in my Etsy shop, it's recycled and vintage polyester knit fabric with corduroy ruffle...the ideal patio lounge skirt for a great low price ($30).

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Interrupting the routine

(Retro skirt for sale on Etsy)
Life had become pretty much a routine matter with lots of hat sales on a daily basis, and I was at the cusp of feeling burnt out.
Then Sid started his early retirement basically from one day to the next. Which brought some changes in our time schedule.
And even though it never bothered me to get up early and go to bed not much later than 10p:m, the new "no time schedule" brought nice changes. But it took a few days to get used to them.
I finally got back into the habit of reading in bed again. Way past midnight.
At this point I am not picky and just read my thriftstore treasures, mainly American authors like Irvin Shaw, John Steinbeck, Sidney Sheldon, not too heavy, not too light.
But I have already a shopping list in my head once I will have completed those older novels.

And finally I found a way to use my beloved (and stored away) vintage double-knit fabrics. It's intriguing to make a pattern which is both easy, not too time consuming and very wearable.
Love, love to make these, and there are more in the line-up.

for sale in my Etsy shop

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

After the tornado warning

Here in Oklahoma we don't talk a lot about the weather due to a lack of a better subject, but because it can become a matter of life and death.
This evening we shut off our computers and other devices for a while and sat glued to the weather channel.
A tornado touched the ground in Billings, OK. About 20 miles south of us. Luckily a very rural area.
Once again, we have had protection from above, thank you!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's really time for an update

Yes, it really is. Seems like the days were just flying by and I didn't have the time nor the musing to put my thoughts into words.
So I'll just do a short flashback post to catch up.
Mother's Day was great since my son and his girlfriend took over the catering: they brought homemade potato salad and bbq bratwurst wrapped in bacon. They also gave me this over-sized plant hanger. Too bad that the temperatures are way too low for May and we couldn't have an outdoor Sunday.

Sid retired early and this is a completely new situation, but we'll hope to have a lot of fun and harmonious life with both of us working out of the home now.
Red Earth Arts and Purple Sage Designz under one roof.

I have listed a lot of new tams and tops since my last post, so here is just a sample of newly created items:

And if anyone wonders if I wear snood tams myself, yes I do.