Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's really time for an update

Yes, it really is. Seems like the days were just flying by and I didn't have the time nor the musing to put my thoughts into words.
So I'll just do a short flashback post to catch up.
Mother's Day was great since my son and his girlfriend took over the catering: they brought homemade potato salad and bbq bratwurst wrapped in bacon. They also gave me this over-sized plant hanger. Too bad that the temperatures are way too low for May and we couldn't have an outdoor Sunday.

Sid retired early and this is a completely new situation, but we'll hope to have a lot of fun and harmonious life with both of us working out of the home now.
Red Earth Arts and Purple Sage Designz under one roof.

I have listed a lot of new tams and tops since my last post, so here is just a sample of newly created items:

And if anyone wonders if I wear snood tams myself, yes I do.

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