Sunday, November 28, 2010


Bringing back some long lost traditions for the advent time...with handmade decoration for our table, essential myrrhe oil (alternating with sage) and real candle lightning.
I am taking control of Christmas again, which seemed to have vanished with gift commercials, big spending and plastic trees. Instead of running from it (we just reconsidered and not fly to Jamaica over the holidays) I will embrace it in a new and yet old way, guided by childhood memories when advent and Christmas were the most magical times of the year for me.

(cedar tree branches, pine cones, potatoes sliced in half as base for the small branches, insert about half of an inch, keeps them moist, simple red scented candle, container or platter from around the house, protect bottom with scraps of bubble wrap etc)

Every year my mother handmade advent wreaths, they were traditional, natural and (compared to 2010) rather plain, but smelled of pine and bees wax. One candle was lit on the 1st advent Sunday, and every day during the first week, then 2 candles burned on the 2nd advent Sunday...until all 4 candles were lit on the last Sunday before Christmas Eve and Day.

More information about Advent here

Friday, November 26, 2010

Preview of new scarves...

Pistacchio green woven & crochet scarf
...will be listed AFTER Black Friday (no sales pitches on black Friday from me)

My first model sold within a day and I am so happy about the design idea

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, Meister Eckhart quote and new dread tam hats

In honor of Thanksgiving I have added tams in beautiful calm fall colors.
Scroll past my Thanksgiving greeting
to get a first glimpse, they are listed in the pre-made section on my website Purple Sage Designz
Be safe, have a great grateful time with family & friends.
Peace and love!

One more note to new buyers:
I monitor my website daily, so you can order with confidence:)

pure cotton long dread tam
for green lovers patchwork tam

neutral plus soft tam

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crazy busy

I haven't shown much blog love lately, time just passes by in a blink and highlight of my days are the pick up of my daily mail to customers.
Updates with pictures of new hats coming soon:)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Oscar and Masha are best buddies now, what a lovely site.
2 peas in a pod, we are very happy that they are so compatible and have found their match. 2 dogs are happier than one, just like we humans.
Happy weekend!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Finally a 70s hippie inspired Project Runway Design Winner --- Gretchen Jones

Love her collection and her styling. Green organic feel with a touch of retro and hippy vibe.
I am glad that the IMO punk influenced and more juvenile collection by Mondo did not take the spotlight of the winning show, even though he appeared to be great as a person and designer per se.
Gretchen may have not been everyone's darling but she evolved into a very talented true-to-herself designer with self-reflection who actually takes us women into account. Her tops, pants and skirts have such a beautiful ease. I am tired of seeing sexy bare little cocktail dresses coming down the runway...but that's just me:)

The fab music is "Icarus" by White Hinterland.