Sunday, November 28, 2010


Bringing back some long lost traditions for the advent time...with handmade decoration for our table, essential myrrhe oil (alternating with sage) and real candle lightning.
I am taking control of Christmas again, which seemed to have vanished with gift commercials, big spending and plastic trees. Instead of running from it (we just reconsidered and not fly to Jamaica over the holidays) I will embrace it in a new and yet old way, guided by childhood memories when advent and Christmas were the most magical times of the year for me.

(cedar tree branches, pine cones, potatoes sliced in half as base for the small branches, insert about half of an inch, keeps them moist, simple red scented candle, container or platter from around the house, protect bottom with scraps of bubble wrap etc)

Every year my mother handmade advent wreaths, they were traditional, natural and (compared to 2010) rather plain, but smelled of pine and bees wax. One candle was lit on the 1st advent Sunday, and every day during the first week, then 2 candles burned on the 2nd advent Sunday...until all 4 candles were lit on the last Sunday before Christmas Eve and Day.

More information about Advent here

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