Monday, August 31, 2009


So many steps involved to change from a sole proprietor to a LLC.
When we started the journey to upgrade the business and Sid and I formed Purple Sage Designz LLC it seemed a pretty straight forward path. But there are endless changes to be made on correspondance and accounts.
The incorporation has been finalized, now all the bank and paypal matters are being worked on.
Just a snippet of info to all my dear customers who find changes on my payment and shipping info and invoices all the sudden.

Be assured, it's still just me making your tams and patchwork clothing. No employees, no assembly lines or outsourced products:)
(Sid's art is sold under the same LLC umbrella, but that's his very own biz corner:).

Friday, August 28, 2009

Idaho trip -- grand baby and canyons

Finally getting to update my blog, traveling is an exhausting adventure:)
Especially since we caught flights at "after business" times to get a good $ deal. Lack of sleep and long waiting times included.
But it was a joy to finally see our cute grand baby Paelin Grace. 1st grand child since we have joined hearts and kids 6 years ago (and as a result we have 1 adult daughter and 3 adult sons all together). We expect a few more granddaughters and grandsons to be born withing the next years, we are hoping anyway:)

We also visited a wild life conservation area with beautiful views on canyons and the Snake River.
The collector in me couldn't help but look for herbs out in the desert. (with Paelin's Dad in the picture)

Just another week and we'll pack up for Germany... every 2 years we visit my mum, daughter and relatives, looking forward to it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Announcement of short shop closure, but I have a sweet deal for patient buyers

Purple Sage Designz website stays open:)
Hi kind people, it's always a hassle to close up the complete website for a few days. (I am not sure if I will be online at all while I am in Idaho:).
That's why I came up with the following "patience is a virtue and needs to be rewarded" deal.
I will be here again on Monday, 08-24-2009, for answering your emails and mailing out packages.
But in order to take off some time pressure I'd like to ask for a short grace period.
A breathing time to get your packages ready until Thursday or Friday as guaranteed latest dates.
Can't do rush orders on Monday.
20% of your purchase price will be refunded if you let me know you're patient, as a message with your purchase or in an email.
I'll refund on Monday Aug. 24th.
If you are not sure about your orders, need assistance about size or color, please bookmark my site
And come back on Monday.
Thanks so much, guys, I love all my customers.

Note to local buyers:
My husband and I will have a booth in Enid for the annual "Fall into the Holidays" :

Enid, Oklahoma
Saturday, Oct. 17th, 2009
9am - 5pm
Oak Wood Mall (former Big Lots store)
Event: Fall Into The Holidays, Arts& Crafts show

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Star gazing

In lack of a real picture of last night's starry night I chose Van Gogh's painting. My camera is just not up for capturing the awesome-ness of a star filled sky.
Even though I made an attempt to photograph last night's wonderful afterglow of the sunset.

I was watching out for the meteor shower in the North Eastern sky but to this day I never saw a falling star. Maybe another night...
The grandness of the universe puts our lives back into perspective and I felt like a little atom of the "All", a wonderful peaceful feeling.
Full-time crocheters and online sellers like myself do themselves the greatest service by stepping away from the computer, shut off all electrical devices and just sit under the stars, with candle light and idleness of the hands.

I am not a poetic person and words don't do justice.
If you were meteor gazing last night as well, you'll know what I mean:)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Purple Sage Designz Featured Artisan on (artfire)

Wow, thanks so much to editor Angelica Schaaf for giving me a spotlight on Handmade news.

Here is the full interview: article

It's a lot of info in a nutshell, about my craft, my view on the handmade movement and its and bits about my origin.