Thursday, August 13, 2009

Star gazing

In lack of a real picture of last night's starry night I chose Van Gogh's painting. My camera is just not up for capturing the awesome-ness of a star filled sky.
Even though I made an attempt to photograph last night's wonderful afterglow of the sunset.

I was watching out for the meteor shower in the North Eastern sky but to this day I never saw a falling star. Maybe another night...
The grandness of the universe puts our lives back into perspective and I felt like a little atom of the "All", a wonderful peaceful feeling.
Full-time crocheters and online sellers like myself do themselves the greatest service by stepping away from the computer, shut off all electrical devices and just sit under the stars, with candle light and idleness of the hands.

I am not a poetic person and words don't do justice.
If you were meteor gazing last night as well, you'll know what I mean:)

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