Friday, August 28, 2009

Idaho trip -- grand baby and canyons

Finally getting to update my blog, traveling is an exhausting adventure:)
Especially since we caught flights at "after business" times to get a good $ deal. Lack of sleep and long waiting times included.
But it was a joy to finally see our cute grand baby Paelin Grace. 1st grand child since we have joined hearts and kids 6 years ago (and as a result we have 1 adult daughter and 3 adult sons all together). We expect a few more granddaughters and grandsons to be born withing the next years, we are hoping anyway:)

We also visited a wild life conservation area with beautiful views on canyons and the Snake River.
The collector in me couldn't help but look for herbs out in the desert. (with Paelin's Dad in the picture)

Just another week and we'll pack up for Germany... every 2 years we visit my mum, daughter and relatives, looking forward to it.

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DonidoDesigns said...

Looks amazing! I always wanted to visit Idaho