Sunday, March 27, 2011

new postings this week

More headbands are coming

these hemp/virgin wool dreadbands are reserved for Angel
I also have a great twilight shrug finished, a funky bright hippie fringe shrug, more cotton tams on my website, too.
I'll update during the week when listings will go live.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

my philosophy

"You are a living magnet. What you
attract into your life is in harmony
with your dominant thoughts."
- Brian Tracy


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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What can we do?

when disaster strikes and a whole country is suffering from death waves, quakes and nuclear poisoning threat?
Feeling helpless, becoming anxious, or shutting our eyes and ears when yet a new catastrophe is broadcasted on tv. Yes, we can react overwhelmed but strive for empowerment at the same time. The human thing is to help.
We can pray, and ask for safety and relief for the Japanese people in the coming days and weeks.
Reminding ourselves that our own safety on Mother Earth is far from being guaranteed.

We can help with money, the smallest amount will make a difference. We can sell things and give to help organizations or buy charity listings, or just open our wallet and donate.
We are the people, the nation, not relying on our government to lend the hand, but put our money where our mouth is.
Many handmade items are available on where most sellers will donate the full amount of proceeds to organizations like the Red Cross and others.
Search terms like Japan, relief, earthquake will show a lot of pretty items.

Among others I purchased this print. In our human helplessness the word hope sounds like a promise of a better future.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bringing back shrugs

I came across these old pictures today, they must be like 5 years old, when I first tried shrugs in crochet, and it became the latest craze.
I can't remember what these bolero style shoulderette shrugs sold for on Ebay, probably at a ridiculously low bid or BIN price.
I have more simplistic styled but yet colorful shrugs in the works as I am typing this nostalgia post.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

PC upgrade will bring you more handmade treasures faster

My PC desktop with xp operation system just didn't cut in anymore. I struggled to work online for many months now. Using my equipment and making the most of it for a long time is one of my prime goals, if it's a car, a sewing machine, vac cleaner etc. There comes a point when you have to upgrade and retire your old machine as back-up only.
I had installed this zen wall paper to enhance my patience and serenity while waiting on programs to load, but eventually my even temper ran out. You can't run a good business without good vibes.
Today my new Acer Aspire Laptop arrived, and for the first time I am working completely wireless. What a difference a day makes.
There have been handmade sellers operating their Ebay and Etsy stores from public library computers, what an admirable way to save and live. Hats off to you. I could not do it.
Listing and updating Purple Sage Designz business matters should run more efficient and smoother in the future, especially since i will have the freedom to work online on my patio, my favorite place to be.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The possibility of work space and what it does for happiness

(Found this pic on the web, and using it as an inspirational photo. I love this look)
We are planning an industrial addition of studio/storage space for hubby and I. The plans are still on paper, but most likely the construction will go up this spring.
Here is the Purple Sage Designz HQ reality after a major clean-up. A drab little bedroom used as work/storage area.
I do have an old ornate American sewing machine with sewing table that needs a good restoration and will be displayed in our new coming studio.

A little artistic expression around the work desk would be nice, like this colorful cheery industrial look here.

My blah desk work space below, random stuff, practical but boring.
A yarn addict's dream would be this shelf and display system
My old workshop heavy duty shelf, stuffed and not appealing.
An example of dream organization below
About a third of my yarn inventory is sadly stacked up in bins and boxes.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Our beautiful daughter...

and I had a great time despite the flu season bringing us down for a few days.
She's back on her way to Germany while I am typing this little update. I miss her already.
It was fun doing all the "girl" stuff like shopping, thrifting, attempting our first handmade jewelry, loom knitting, going to a sweat lodge together, or just hanging out.
I wish I could have taken better pictures, but it's hard to "style" for photo memories with watery eyes and the "anything goes" mentality when a head cold strikes. Sid who took these pics and our son were sick, too.
Since I use the past tense, we are all much better now.
My online shops will open back on Sunday.