Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What can we do?

when disaster strikes and a whole country is suffering from death waves, quakes and nuclear poisoning threat?
Feeling helpless, becoming anxious, or shutting our eyes and ears when yet a new catastrophe is broadcasted on tv. Yes, we can react overwhelmed but strive for empowerment at the same time. The human thing is to help.
We can pray, and ask for safety and relief for the Japanese people in the coming days and weeks.
Reminding ourselves that our own safety on Mother Earth is far from being guaranteed.

We can help with money, the smallest amount will make a difference. We can sell things and give to help organizations or buy charity listings, or just open our wallet and donate.
We are the people, the nation, not relying on our government to lend the hand, but put our money where our mouth is.
Many handmade items are available on www.etsy.com where most sellers will donate the full amount of proceeds to organizations like the Red Cross and others.
Search terms like Japan, relief, earthquake will show a lot of pretty items.

Among others I purchased this print. In our human helplessness the word hope sounds like a promise of a better future.

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