Thursday, March 10, 2011

PC upgrade will bring you more handmade treasures faster

My PC desktop with xp operation system just didn't cut in anymore. I struggled to work online for many months now. Using my equipment and making the most of it for a long time is one of my prime goals, if it's a car, a sewing machine, vac cleaner etc. There comes a point when you have to upgrade and retire your old machine as back-up only.
I had installed this zen wall paper to enhance my patience and serenity while waiting on programs to load, but eventually my even temper ran out. You can't run a good business without good vibes.
Today my new Acer Aspire Laptop arrived, and for the first time I am working completely wireless. What a difference a day makes.
There have been handmade sellers operating their Ebay and Etsy stores from public library computers, what an admirable way to save and live. Hats off to you. I could not do it.
Listing and updating Purple Sage Designz business matters should run more efficient and smoother in the future, especially since i will have the freedom to work online on my patio, my favorite place to be.

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