Monday, March 7, 2011

The possibility of work space and what it does for happiness

(Found this pic on the web, and using it as an inspirational photo. I love this look)
We are planning an industrial addition of studio/storage space for hubby and I. The plans are still on paper, but most likely the construction will go up this spring.
Here is the Purple Sage Designz HQ reality after a major clean-up. A drab little bedroom used as work/storage area.
I do have an old ornate American sewing machine with sewing table that needs a good restoration and will be displayed in our new coming studio.

A little artistic expression around the work desk would be nice, like this colorful cheery industrial look here.

My blah desk work space below, random stuff, practical but boring.
A yarn addict's dream would be this shelf and display system
My old workshop heavy duty shelf, stuffed and not appealing.
An example of dream organization below
About a third of my yarn inventory is sadly stacked up in bins and boxes.

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