Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring scarves

Lately I have had a lot of fun making braid crochet scarves, skinny fashion accessories for every mood, inspired by nature and various color themes. Love how I can get into the mood of certain color combinations and let my imagination run wild. Spring is already in my soul, now we just need the temperatures to go with it.
Very affordable and unique lariat gypsy scarves are presently for sale in my Etsy shop).
This is inspired by tropical blooms and a vibrant sunset on a paradise beach setting.
(for sale : )

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I let my work speak for myself

Hi everyone, my blog has been fairly quiet lately. When this happens it is usually a good indicator that I have been just crocheting away.
Website update:
What's New? (updated Feb 21st, 2012)
Do you dream of spring?
I do:)...bringing more hippie tam hats in hemp back!
Check out some of the newest additions below.

Peace and love! Angelika

larger brown and irie inspired hemp tam

smaller tam in muted colors

great Santa Fe colors