Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Sale at Purple Sage Designz website store: hippie tams, berets, slouchy beanies and a bit of patchwork and crochet tops

It's been a non-eventful few days, filled with tending to my websites, picking up our new glasses in Tulsa and general laziness. At least compared to the busy months of fall, winter and spring.

I have reduced a lot of tam hats, take advantage of clearing out older inventory to make room for my new fall creations.
All tams on sale at one click:
sale items

Here are some of my favorite tams on sale

(above) Inka wool tam, now $20 with free shipping (USA/Canada)

Tie-dye style tam now $15 (free s/h to USA/Canada)

Purple turquoise striped tam now only $12, it doesn't get better than that price-wise...always free domestic shipping

And this crochet top is up for grabs, $15, what a bargain for a slimmer mama:)

This all patchwork apron never got a lot of attention, it may be my photography, anyway, $15 is a steal for straight-stitched, topstitched and serged patchwork with pocket and lace, lined with muslin on the inside.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Otoe Missouria encampment 2009 (powwow)

I wish I had the stamina to stay longer and attend the evening program as well, but after 7 hours of watching the traditional gourd dance (my husband took part) and dinner break I couldn't sit any more.
I needed to go home:)
The weather was perfect, we had a break from the triple digits.
Back to the routine, stay tuned if you are curious about my new fall tams, coming soon.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sharing some amazing art by Liz Chernov

If you have followed my blog you will know that my hubby Sid is the artist in our home, I like to address myself more as a craftswoman or artisan with yarn and hook (and sometimes sewing machine).
Sid creates digital art prints with Native American themes. The walls in our living area are mainly a display for his framed artwork.
I have incorporated a few vintage mushroom pictures and my owls as collector items.

So basically I don't look to buy art online in general, but I purchased 2 new prints that literally "spoke" to me when I discovered this illustration artist on Etsy, through the pounce feature show-casing brand new sellers.
Liz Chernov sells amazing black and white illustrated captures of fairies in yoga positions, both as prints or art cards.

I wish her a lot of luck with her Etsy shop and will definitely be checking back and add more prints when fall brings out the desire in us to decorate our homes for long winter nights inside.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Natural Ways of Life ... they do work

Amazingly this simple method to repel flies on our patio...did work.
I searched the internet to find a way to get rid of the flies which targeted our patio to the point where we really couldn't enjoy it anymore. There is no trash anywhere, but we have a dog house under the roof of our sitting area.
I followed the advice which had been give by several people, even though it sounded too simple to work at first.
I hung 8 thin transparent plastic bags, filled with a pint to half gallon of water, from the roof and close to the door. I put a few extra ones on the chairs.
Amazingly after a short time the flies got fewer, and today they hardly come around anymore. Usually 2 hours before sunset they went crazy and would buzz in pairs and land on any surface. Now there are still a few, but ... no comparison.
The water filled bags seem to distort their orientation or they catch glimpses of "spider webs" due to their poor vision.
I love to find harmless methods to repel insects without poison.
And I'd love to become a wise woman during my progressing years, one who knows about working with herbs and nature's wisdom:)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I am not so into holidays...sewing patchwork as usual, new Harvest skirt to be listed

Happy 4th of July...
Tomorrow I plan on a bigger update of my website and Etsy & Artfire shops.
I finished this fall harvest skirt today. I really love the way it came out.
It was hot, but I was determined to get it done and I was very satisfied how I incorporated these hand-smocked former pillow cases in corduroy (some things can only be found at the thriftstores, thank goodness for unique and vintage finds. It's an adventure every time) .
Sometimes I work on Sundays and holidays even harder than on any Mondays which I prefer to spend with a certain leisure.
(Available at Purple Sage Designz on Sunday evening)
More harvest tams to come as well. Fall is my favorite season of the year, in case you can't tell:)

Magical Indigo Patchwork Skirt, listed a few days ago, is available here