Sunday, July 12, 2009

Natural Ways of Life ... they do work

Amazingly this simple method to repel flies on our patio...did work.
I searched the internet to find a way to get rid of the flies which targeted our patio to the point where we really couldn't enjoy it anymore. There is no trash anywhere, but we have a dog house under the roof of our sitting area.
I followed the advice which had been give by several people, even though it sounded too simple to work at first.
I hung 8 thin transparent plastic bags, filled with a pint to half gallon of water, from the roof and close to the door. I put a few extra ones on the chairs.
Amazingly after a short time the flies got fewer, and today they hardly come around anymore. Usually 2 hours before sunset they went crazy and would buzz in pairs and land on any surface. Now there are still a few, but ... no comparison.
The water filled bags seem to distort their orientation or they catch glimpses of "spider webs" due to their poor vision.
I love to find harmless methods to repel insects without poison.
And I'd love to become a wise woman during my progressing years, one who knows about working with herbs and nature's wisdom:)


Gloria said...

thanks for sharing...hate flies.

Cindi Epona'Bri said...

This really works? I heard it on TV and then I googled it and found so many places that said it didn't work, that I didn't try it. Now maybe I will.

Byron said...

it is truly amazing, some Peruvian amigos shared this simple technique a few years back, im stoked to see others rockin free!