Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Sale at Purple Sage Designz website store: hippie tams, berets, slouchy beanies and a bit of patchwork and crochet tops

It's been a non-eventful few days, filled with tending to my websites, picking up our new glasses in Tulsa and general laziness. At least compared to the busy months of fall, winter and spring.

I have reduced a lot of tam hats, take advantage of clearing out older inventory to make room for my new fall creations.
All tams on sale at one click:
sale items

Here are some of my favorite tams on sale

(above) Inka wool tam, now $20 with free shipping (USA/Canada)

Tie-dye style tam now $15 (free s/h to USA/Canada)

Purple turquoise striped tam now only $12, it doesn't get better than that price-wise...always free domestic shipping

And this crochet top is up for grabs, $15, what a bargain for a slimmer mama:)

This all patchwork apron never got a lot of attention, it may be my photography, anyway, $15 is a steal for straight-stitched, topstitched and serged patchwork with pocket and lace, lined with muslin on the inside.

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