Friday, September 17, 2010

A busy crocheter's life is....

for the most part non-spectacular.
Not boring for me, but not easy to create a blog buzz about it either.
A busy crocheter has many zen moments, sitting outside, listening to the birds early in the morning while starting the first hat of the day.
A busy crocheter lives a good part of her day in "her head", thinking up new creations or reflecting on all day events.
A busy crocheter lives in a world of her own, often scouting the internet for new techniques and book releases about her favorite subject.

(like this, and since I am from Bavaria, I am very curious because I have never heard of Bavarian crochet)

A busy crocheter  is not always a great photographer, but sometimes gets lucky to capture a nature shots like this

when she wonders why on earth she happened to live in a small town in Oklahoma.
But then again, a busy crocheter can live anywhere, as long as she has a yarn store or internet access at her reach.
Happy weekend!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A different flavor of music ... for the days when mainstream just doesn't cut it

Wolfsheim videos in German, different, poetic, deep and zen. A bit of synchpop, a bit of classic songs.

(Ueber's Jahr...across the year)

(Kuenstliche Welten...artificial worlds)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Trends continued...Purple Sage Designz updated

Finally I updated my website with some of the wool tams I had posted earlier.  I am especially in love with my last visor tam creation, crocheted with "paint box wool" by Knit One Crochet Too. If I wasn't scouting Ebay auctions (and winning with some luck at a good price) for unusual and high end wool yarns I wouldn't be able to offer wool dread hippie tams and slouchy beanies at my very reasonable prices.

Listed for sale at

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Color blues on the horizon

So I reached for blue and teal during the last few days, nice chunky yarns, to start on warm winter hats in wool and blends.
The idea occurred to me that I may not be very trendy with my color choices, and the thought provoking question about trends in general kept me wondering about who, how and when a trend becomes a mainstream fashion.

The yarn colors that "speak to me" will be part of my winter collection. Either pure personal choices or trend colors if I like them. Locally I am forced into certain color trends by the yarn stores anyway.
As a vivid buyer on Ebay I am not restricted to the available colors in the yarn stores, basically anything and everything can be ordered on Ebay (of course only if you win).

Here a bit of color info I gathered from a popular trend setting/documenting website.

At first glance I like gold, orchid, dark brown, lagoon and woodbine (not really a novelty as I have worked with similar shades for a while now). The palette reminds me a bit of Vanna's Choice (Lion Brand yarn line) where all colors work nicely together and regardless of what yarns are used for a striped pattern, the outcome is always looking great. The above palette reminds of this color mix and match concept, perhaps that's why trends take off in the first place, a certain new combination of traditional colors appears new and fresh, even though it has been around since the beginning of mankind dying their fabrics and yarns. Oh, and the fancy names for the colors, they are definitely appealing to our senses, too.
Dark brown cannot stand up to chocolate truffle, especially in the age of naming everything after food and luxury items.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day in Tahlequah

("When Grandma went to town" by Sid Armstrong)

Above one of the entries that my husband Sid has exhibited at the Cherokee National Holiday art show this weekend, just one of the events happening in the head quarters of the Cherokee nation in Southeastern Oklahoma.

His "Abstract Warrior" won the 3rd place in the category of Graphics, drawings & photography which had the most entries this year, even before fine arts (paintings).

It was a beautiful Indian Summer Day, and finally a chance to wear our hat and poncho. It did get quite chilly during and after the reception and hors d'oeuvre hour which is a nice touch when I accompany Sid to these events.

Before the gallery was opened we had low maintenance fun in the city park with a little creek after a cup of coffee and pastry at the downtown bakery & cafe. I hope one of these days we'll have a chance to eat at the Cherokee restaurant (closed after the reception) and have a tour through the ancient village. I love this little town, which is bustling with activities, small private enterprises and little non-chain shops along the downtown walk ways. (This alone will warm a European's heart:)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

End of the heat?

The Siesta (Afternoon in 
Frederick Arthur

September 1st, welcomed blessing as it promises fresh morning temperatures and cooler nights.
As a sun-hungry Northern Euro person  I thought I would never get tired of permanent sunshine and scorching heat, but I am done, I wish for gray clouds and a rainy sky.

Just a little break....

A few days of silence, rest in the afternoon, prolonged siestas and I'll be back refreshed and renewed with new posts, new pictures, new ideas.

Object of meditation: Fall, fog and trees in the Northern Bavarian Oberpfalz