Monday, September 6, 2010

Color blues on the horizon

So I reached for blue and teal during the last few days, nice chunky yarns, to start on warm winter hats in wool and blends.
The idea occurred to me that I may not be very trendy with my color choices, and the thought provoking question about trends in general kept me wondering about who, how and when a trend becomes a mainstream fashion.

The yarn colors that "speak to me" will be part of my winter collection. Either pure personal choices or trend colors if I like them. Locally I am forced into certain color trends by the yarn stores anyway.
As a vivid buyer on Ebay I am not restricted to the available colors in the yarn stores, basically anything and everything can be ordered on Ebay (of course only if you win).

Here a bit of color info I gathered from a popular trend setting/documenting website.

At first glance I like gold, orchid, dark brown, lagoon and woodbine (not really a novelty as I have worked with similar shades for a while now). The palette reminds me a bit of Vanna's Choice (Lion Brand yarn line) where all colors work nicely together and regardless of what yarns are used for a striped pattern, the outcome is always looking great. The above palette reminds of this color mix and match concept, perhaps that's why trends take off in the first place, a certain new combination of traditional colors appears new and fresh, even though it has been around since the beginning of mankind dying their fabrics and yarns. Oh, and the fancy names for the colors, they are definitely appealing to our senses, too.
Dark brown cannot stand up to chocolate truffle, especially in the age of naming everything after food and luxury items.

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