Friday, September 17, 2010

A busy crocheter's life is....

for the most part non-spectacular.
Not boring for me, but not easy to create a blog buzz about it either.
A busy crocheter has many zen moments, sitting outside, listening to the birds early in the morning while starting the first hat of the day.
A busy crocheter lives a good part of her day in "her head", thinking up new creations or reflecting on all day events.
A busy crocheter lives in a world of her own, often scouting the internet for new techniques and book releases about her favorite subject.

(like this, and since I am from Bavaria, I am very curious because I have never heard of Bavarian crochet)

A busy crocheter  is not always a great photographer, but sometimes gets lucky to capture a nature shots like this

when she wonders why on earth she happened to live in a small town in Oklahoma.
But then again, a busy crocheter can live anywhere, as long as she has a yarn store or internet access at her reach.
Happy weekend!

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