Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day in Tahlequah

("When Grandma went to town" by Sid Armstrong)

Above one of the entries that my husband Sid has exhibited at the Cherokee National Holiday art show this weekend, just one of the events happening in the head quarters of the Cherokee nation in Southeastern Oklahoma.

His "Abstract Warrior" won the 3rd place in the category of Graphics, drawings & photography which had the most entries this year, even before fine arts (paintings).

It was a beautiful Indian Summer Day, and finally a chance to wear our hat and poncho. It did get quite chilly during and after the reception and hors d'oeuvre hour which is a nice touch when I accompany Sid to these events.

Before the gallery was opened we had low maintenance fun in the city park with a little creek after a cup of coffee and pastry at the downtown bakery & cafe. I hope one of these days we'll have a chance to eat at the Cherokee restaurant (closed after the reception) and have a tour through the ancient village. I love this little town, which is bustling with activities, small private enterprises and little non-chain shops along the downtown walk ways. (This alone will warm a European's heart:)

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