Friday, August 3, 2007

Scrambling...How I start my patchwork

I think I have found a quicker way how to start a patchwork project. I have tons of fabric and it always takes me soooo long to make up my mind, what fabric with what? So, I decided to scramble. I pull out 6 fabrics for a skirt (still too matchy, but I am getting better) and cut up 6 panels. Devide those 6 panels into 12 panels, sew the panels together and cut the skirt in 3 tiers. Voila....
the skirt is finished, going from 12 panels on my table to something you can wear.

This evening I will go back to crocheting, can't wait to create something with this lot of hemp/wool yarns, all natural and undyed, I just need to create with it.

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