Sunday, August 26, 2007

Life away from the BIZ

I am a very private person, maybe it's my generation, or just me...I feel that I don't need or that I should not publish family pictures or details about my life that go too far into my private sphere or of my family or friends for that matter. So, just bare with me.
Today I would like to share Oscar, or aka "Babba doggie". He's the best little friend I can imagine. Kind natured, very laid back but with a touch of being comical. He has adopted us when he was about 5 months old and came into our backyard one night, apparently homeless and not taken care of, he stayed with us ever since. That's over a year ago now. This sweet little fellow is an Australian Kelpie (cowdog), perhaps a bit small for his breed, but apparently almost full breed. This is a hardy breed, most fit for rough weather. The only thing he does not like is water (and bathing....but he doesn't get a choice on this one).
My husband believes that indoor living spoils a dog's senses and instincts, so he is an outside dog. We have a huge backyard and it's Oscar's territory. (And all the neighbor dogs live outside as well, they all have nice dog houses and lots of freedom to run, bark and dig ...o well!)
Since I craft I thought I'd just mention that Oscar is not allowed where my crafting happens.
It was a weekend off from crocheting and sewing. Sometimes this is just a must. Creativity will only happen if life is being lived.
It was powwow weekend for the Ponca tribe. Also a lot of family meetings and happenings.

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