Saturday, July 5, 2008

I admit I am a nerd

When people ask me what I did on the fourth of July I guess I can show them this patchwork hippie babydoll top.
That's what I spent my time on. Besides hanging out on the patio and spending time with our dog Oscar who didn't do so well with all the noisy firework.
We live outside of the city limits and all the town folks headed our way across the river to shoot their firecrackers since Ponca City didn't allow them.
Being in the USA now for 4 years I don't miss the hoopla and parties anyway. I had never celebrated on July 4th, but I respect the history and tradition in this part of the world. But honestly, I'd rather give $25 to charity instead of buying fire crackers. Been there, done that (New Year's Eve in Germany).
Age ripens us, not just our skin but hopefully matures our thinking as well, so age is my friend.

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Rosebud Collection said...

We didn't do much on the 4th either..
Hey, on the age ripen stuff..I keep telling the kids, I am dropping all over the place..ha,ha..
Love the dress..