Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Odd fascinations

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Steampunk is everywhere these days. Sometimes fantastic art, sometimes just makers who jump on the band-waggon.
I have been intrigued with the Industrial Revolution ever since I was a school girl. It was my choice for term papers, graduation tests. Even later in college I majored in Industrial Psychology. A lot of my jobs brought me into factories. Starting at the age of 15 during my summer holidays in a china (porcelain) manufacturing plant. I often wondered how people could manage to work a life-time in these places. As work was repetitive, not intellectual challenging, loud, hard and long.
Often I would incorporate little games to make the day more pleasant, trying to work faster by changing a movement, skipping a step or two, playing mind games or just thinking about the time when I will be off work.
Many years later I was introduced to the theories of Adam Smith and how it all began...the division of labor, the monotony, and the problems of divided tasks opposed to a craftsman/woman who creates a piece from start to finish.

The independent crafting/art movement seems to be the logical answer. I cherish every minute of self-employment.
And here comes the odd part:
since I cherish every minute of my time and am very protective of how I utilise my hours or even minutes, I still play the game of:
how can I save a few minutes by doing things differently.
I have to go into my storage room, to get a skein of yarn, on my way through the hall-way I may pick up things and put into the laundry closet which is on my way.
Accomplished 2 things at the same time.
Time to make more care labels?
I make 100 instead of 10 at a time.
Simple well-made pieces in solid basic colors usually sell well, I will always have them in stock, when I need a creative break I will make a One of a kind piece, but not exclusively.

It takes some tricks to make that handmade life work.
So take all the knowledge, keep your time to yourself and don't waste it on random activities.
Please keep in mind, this refers to work.

In your past time, do as you please, sit around or just walk without an aim.


Christine Smith said...

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed and appreciated your blog entry--sharing your approach to your creative work. And the hats are beautiful! The points you made about the reasons, personal fulfillment, behind the crafting and doing it efficiently were excellent! You write in English very well...I'm still trying to learn German. Best wishes!

Angelika@ Purple Sage Designz said...

Hi Christine, thanks so much for your kind comment.
I visited your blog and found it highly inspirational and interesting, I was going to leave a comment, but this was disabled. I was going to comment on your entry about re-discovering the Catholic faith which has been a similar story of mine.

Rosebud Collection said...

You have a wonderful blog..I am not sure I understand "steam punk"..I think I said it right..Something new to me..but interesting and what a neat item..

Christine Smith said...

Thank you, Angelika...hoping my email gets to you (I'm using the angelica & name of your business as posted above...) I would welcome hearing from you, and thank you for letting me know my sharing of my faith was meaningful to you. Sharing with one another, learning from one another, is what helps us all grow. Hope you get my email! Best wishes!