Thursday, October 18, 2007

Peaceful Easy Feeling

(non-stop rain yesterday)
"I've got a peaceful easy feeling" (Eagles) was playing on my favorite Classic Rock Radio station while I drove home from the dentist. And I leaned back and said "Yes", that's me.
All my orders have been shipped, the rain has stopped and it's sunny yet a bit brisk outside.
I feel content.
No more rush. Today I will be free to do whatever I want. Start new designs or just read a good book.
Since my companion and I have started to cut out most of the junk food in our nutrition, I feel lighter, too. (I have this funny inspiring book "Why French women don't get fat"'s a good read).
I just browsed forums and I didn't write any replies, the appeal of forums has worn down. Good so.
For a while I tried to drive traffic to my blog, but only if you bitch around, have drama, then people want to read. I won't condescend myself to bitch around about competition and copying or calling others names.
I don't kiss butt. I don't sweet-talk. I don't need to be popular. I am out of high-school.
Some trends at the "handmade" vending sites bug the crap out of me.
>>>>Buy it, call it handmade, sell it at a mark-up. <<<<
I remember the times when sellers of handmade items were belittled on Ebay, their products called "homemade" like they were inferior to New With Tags mass produced stuff, now everyone wants a slice of the "handcrafted pie", yeah.

Meanwhile I am happy with how things are going for me. I had 2 sales on Dawanda, one never got paid for, but oh well, at least this site picks up traffic and buyers. Same with my website. I am still happy to NOT have an Ebay store anymore. My few auctions do well. Etsy does well. Knock on wood.

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