Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Crocheting break=sewing time

(The apron patchwork skirt is available on Etsy)
I was anxious to finish the skirt from my post a few days ago. Instead of an applique I decided to add a "kitcheny" apron for more interest and uniqueness. I am really happy with the way it turned out...only problem is, and that never fails, the wind picks up as soon as I drag my dress form into the yard and I end up taking pictures in a windstill corner of the house...urghhhh.
But what to do? Despite other people preferences I like an organic background, no all white blank background, but maybe I should reconsider. It was nice when the green grass and blooming bushes made an ideal backdrop months earlier.
Tomorrow I will go back to crocheting. There are still a few things on my priority list which are worth saving up for (and so I am working more consequently these days).
Today I have reached an important mile stone, I paid for a roundtrip flight ticket from Bremen/Germany to OKC for my darling daughter. Looking forward to share Christmas with her again.

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