Friday, October 19, 2007

New vintage goodies for the dining table

Fridays are my thrifting days. We have an awesome thriftstore in town "My favorite things", and Friday is their surprise day, with sales not announced until they open their doors. Today was 90% off on vintage items. The real vintage stuff, not fake "looks like vintage" dollar store products.
I treated myself to some nice pieces for dining, not sure if I'll ever use them since I have lots of dinnerware, but I love the idea of being able to set the table with entirely vintage dinnerware. I am especially fond of the sauciers (gravy servers), something that's usually not offered in a contemporary dinner set anymore. Or the nice large soup serving bowls.
I also got cool clothes. Special deal on certain items: 50 Cents. I salvaged wool sweaters, blouses, slacks thing is, you'll never find stinky old crap in that store, everything is in great condition and smells fresh. The only problem you got to deal with is style and size:)

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