Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I needed a hoodie and I hate malls

Honestly I hate indoor malls, I never liked to go there and I don't see what could be recreational about it. We don't have a lot of department stores where I really like to shop here either.
Since it's getting colder here I really wanted a smart little woman hoodie, and not wear my oversized hooded sweatshirts year after year.
Well, I found this clever tutorial on crafters.org and just went to work. Made from my son's boys size old Nike t-shirt and vintage double-knit, yeah. The pictures don't do it justice...it is actually really cute and fits well. Recycled and reconstructed with a moderate distressed look , love it.
Here is a new tam that I crocheted last night.
Available on etsy.
And I also listed this great plaid jumper dress, too bad that it's too short for my taste. (on Etsy)

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