Friday, October 26, 2007

Random thoughts for Friday

If I still joined the regular 9 to 5 work force I 'd probably shout TGIF.
But one similarity is there for sure...a time to give it a break. Maybe I need to reinvent free weekends again.
Crocheting is manual work, even though creative, it involves a lot of repetitive moves. And your body will tell you with neck pains or just malfunction of your fine motorical skills that it's enough. At least for a day. I have worked up a lot of new designs, will finish to weave in the loose threads and list later on. I won't touch a hook today though.
No thrifty Friday either, I am running out of space. And time for alterations and new recycled creations. I need to regain space, it stresses me out to have too much stuff. My yarn is taking over the storage areas in the craft room. You can work up only so much per day and I probably have a year's supply already in my house. I just ordered new black hemp wool yesterday online, so, I am putting a STOP sign to buying or ordering more.

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