Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just an ordinary Saturday

It has been a good day, not eventful but reliable and comforting.
Football season for my husband...Oklahoma Sooners vs. Missouri Tigers.
Me: Run to the post office earlier. Pizza evening and bretzels. Crochet work is done. Free time. Reading.
Ideal time to showcase some items from other Etsy sellers that I have received recently.

I have received this fabulous art print from FigurativeHarmony as a PIF. My photograph doesn't do it quite justice though, hadn't time to frame it yet. It will be displayed soon.

I have purchased this wonderful macrame necklace from macraMe, it's part of my owl mania. I just love owls, they remind so much of the 1970s style and I just love owls period.

Owl sterling silver earrings from mydesertstudio. Love, love these, too.

I have more purchases to share soon.

Last but not least I finally have some time to continue work on my patchwork peasant skirt. I can't make up my mind what applique to put onto a side pocket, owl or mushrooms? I most likely will go with mushrooms since they will harmonise with the kitchen feel of the vintage Orleans Rose print of the bottom tier. This is a skirt made entirely from vintage fabrics, some are recycled. We already have enough
"wear once throw out" products in this world, recycling is the logical thing to do.


GreenSpaceGoods said...

My aunt is in love with owls too. As children, my cousins and I would play a game counting all of the owls in her house. We could never end up with the same number, but eventually we all agreed there were well over 500 owls. I love the ones you've chosen. :)

macraMe said...

Serching macrame owls at Google Image, we find one familiar! Is one of the ours!!!
Thank you Angelika for your post!

Mariana and Paula