Sunday, October 28, 2007

No Biz talk today, but buy one get one free...whoppers

Today is our boost the metabolism day, the diet break. Once you reduce your calorie intake the metabolism slows down and it gets harder to lose on diet foods. Here is our way of working around it.
My husband had bought a discount card from some girl scouts some time back and it just sat on the dresser for months. As I had a craving for something greasy today (and not much desire to cook) I asked what that discount card was all about, something about BK as I remembered.
Anyway, we had 2 whoppers each...ah, this was such a yucky feeling finishing that 2nd whopper. Stuffed like a tick, getting tired and lazy in the middle of the day. What a great way to cure that craving for junk food, eat it and realize it's not that good after all.
I bought some delicious apples and bananas on our way home and they will make a great dinner.
Tomorrow we'll go back to normal and low fat...and when we eat our bran flakes our stomachs will expect that big whopper again and get that digestion going. Fooled by our little health snack it will work and get the juices flowing and we're in "weight" losing mode again. 6 days of diet, one binging day keeps us happy so far and still losing.

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