Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I am not a passionate shopper, but had a great day at the stores today

Great German foods at ALDI, the Germany based grocery store chain with a frugal twist. Great products, even better prices, less convenience service and no fancy displays (this philosophy made ALDI famous and it is an icon among Germany's grocery stores).
I bought my German style coffee, Chocolate (real important from Germany), Potato Salad (German style, made in the USA), German style cheese, and German style whole grain bread (that's loaded with real whole grains and vitamin B). I even found a pet orthopedic mat for our dog Oscar to make his dog house more comfortable, needless to say, the price was right. and, it was NOT made in China. (No racism here, anyone who knows me will affirm that I am NO prejudiced person, I only write this in respect to product safety. Additionally I believe in the shortest ways of transportation of goods to conserve the environment and minimize pollution due to shipping goods from one corner of the earth to the other when local or domestic producers could provide the goods as well, of course with a certain mark-up, but this would be the price we would have to pay.)
Also a 100% cotton carpet set for our bathroom made in India (well, I have purchased many products made in India in my life, the blouses and dresses have always captured my eye. I don't wish to support child's labor for sure and I am not at the top of information as to how India enforces work laws these days, but have never suffered from any hazardous dyes or other poisonous additives in those materials. I really wish there was another choice to support domestic industries in the textile area though.)
Afterwards I invaded Hobby Lobby once again since they had a Lion Brand yarn sale this week, lots of great fall color yarns in excellent qualities. Blends and wools, can't wait to start new projects with those goodies. Even with yarns I have started to look at the country of origin, well, Lion Brand is still very much reliable to NOT produce in China. I never thought I'd be happy to see wool made in Turkey since they have a questionable reputation as far as being a democracy among European countries, but times and priorities definitely have changed when it comes to imports and commerce.

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