Thursday, September 27, 2007

"I work for teeth"

Similar to a man holding a sign "I work for food" I work for teeth these pay my dentist to be correct. Good and healthy teeth is one of my priorities about looks, more than clothes or the bling, so, I am in a major dental overhaul these months. Crown, new fillings, gum treatment, ahhh, for someone coming from Europe with their health insurance system it was a major sticker shock at first, but I am getting used to pay enormous sums of money for health care out of our own pocket. Makes you decide what is really important in life, and I guess dental and health care is important to me. Anyway, I have a lot of products listed on Ebay these days at great prices, some allow best offers, lots of cool books, 2nd hand clothing in India style and of course my handmade hats. You may get a good deal...:)
My Ebay Listings

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