Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A short vacation

will come up this week. My husband will attend a seminar at photoshop world in Las Vegas and we will use it as a short vacation trip, probably our last chance to get away for a few days this year.
Oh my, when I first learnt about it, I thought, Las Vegas, I don't really want to go there again, but I changed my expectations during the last few days thinking about the wonderful chance I will have to walk and stroll again. Something that I hardly can do in rural Oklahoma, leave the car behind, get out on the sidewalks and just do some window shopping, have a latte at some corner cafe and visit a few interesting places. Too bad that we couldn't find a good rock concert during our stay, but maybe we'll find a few nice entertaining events off the billboards. I don't care to gamble or drink, so, I just got to be open minded about this trip, sounds superficial, but good to travel again. Before the christmas business will take over my life and I will be back in the routine of crocheting, sewing, packing, emailing.
Talking about walking, it's not exactly comparable, but on the left picture is the Marktplatz, Bremen, Germany. This is where I used to walk. Picture right: The Luxor Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

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