Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Curing the forum addiction

Since I sell on Etsy I discovered that forums (or fora...still wonder which one is the right plural in English) can be addictive. I also sell on Ebay and got sucked into discussion boards or groups before, but Etsy forums have really intrigued me for quite some time. Beyond reasonable time.
I have decided it's time to focus on my business again and spend the time on my crafts.
Etsy is supposed to be your place to shop handmade (supplies and vintage is allowed though), but clearly is misused by some sellers for vending commercial items or items not made by the seller. Reselling and misrepresentation. For example mass-produced clothing which is declared as handmade but can be found on other websites as wholesale merchandise. It also happens in the jewelry, bags, pottery category just to name a few. This can be very upsetting and is one of the topics which is repeatedly addressed in the forums and of course concerns me as a handcrafting one-woman business.
Even though it is good and healthy to state your opinion it can become quite bothersome after a while when things don't change and you feel that nobody (other Etsy members or the Etsy Administration) sees things eye to eye with yourself.
Remedy? Concentrate on your craft. Create, sell and network outside of forums.
I don't ever want to work for a corporation again (unless for my own, but so far I am only Sole Owner) and need to remind myself about it every day. Ebay, Etsy, Dawanda eg are only venues with their rules and decisions based on their business model. The real freedom lies in your own website.

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