Thursday, November 29, 2007

Silent protest

Since the $4 and $5 socalled Handmade hats are selling undisputed along with all the other mass-produced accessories and clothing on the "Handmade sites" I will try to list more of my items on my own personal website.
I have taken a picture of a new hemp/wool hat, almost finished, a popular stripe design. As you can see each color change leaves loose ends hanging. So the actual crochet part is done, now the sewing part starts to weave in all the loose end strands. Besides the material costs (all hemp yarns are ordered online with shipping costs) a lot of labor is involved to crochet a tam.
I hate to be upset and will avoid it in future by focusing on my own selling space. I can't and I don't want to compete with Far East imports.
I would be very honored if my customers give my own site a try.
Have a great day in peace and harmony!

1 comment:

sunsail said...

Hi Ang,

The next time I buy from you, i'll be sure to do it through your website! My hair is getting longer, so pretty soon i will indeed have a need for more tams!

Keep your chin up! We know good, handmade quality when we see it. Happy holidays! :)