Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Tips 18 - 20 (of 20) to survive the holiday rush of a cottage industry

Snow cottage oil painting borrowed from this website
I chose this painting because we had our first snow day yesterday. Today it is already gone. When I stepped outside late in afternoon I was struck by the there is a blanket of snow damping all the sounds of nature (or cars...). I looked up into the sky and there were heavy grey clouds hanging in the air. No bird singing, no dog barking, just awesome quietness. Two hours later micro-sized snowflakes were falling from the sky and despite them being tiny they covered the roofs and ground with a thick white blanket by night.

18. After I had been rather philosophical the last few days I will end my series with down-to-earth practical tips. 4 weeks till Christmas, so we probably look at 3 more weeks of holiday business unless you sell in Brick&Mortar stores until the very end. I plan on reducing my offered inventory the closer I get to Christmas because I will reward myself with a few quiet days before Christmas. Looking at a time frame of 3 more busy weeks seems manageable and gives me something to look forward to.

19. Even though I have several best-sellers I always create a few OOAK items just to please my creative soul. A new color or a new stitch design keep my craft interesting and I don't feel burnt out.

20. Random time-savers:
*clean out and fill the dish washer while cooking dinner, you are in the kitchen anyway.
*move everything to its place immediately after use
*don't get distracted and stick to one task until finished, all those little breaks add up
*print and pack in bulk and get your daily orders out in one batch
*keep your materials handy
*stay happy, life is great

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