Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bagging Leaves on a sunday afternoon

Today we had a good work-out raking piles and piles of leaves and then bag them up. Since we have 1 giant tree and 5 big sized leave trees on our property (and a bunch of smaller ones) most likely this job will never get finished, but it had gotten to a point where leaves just took over our backyard. Instead of cooking a lean dinner we decided to get fast food today. I can't even recall on which diet week we are on, but it has developed into a lifestyle with little exceptions like today.
I cannot show a lot of new work today, but I finally got one of my handmuffs finished, a project which I had started some time back. I love muffs, they have such a cool vintage look. I have never been a gloves girl:)
This periwinkle, slightly elegant hand-warmer has a removable neck strap and is super soft inside with an extra layer of black crochet.
Available for sale on Etsy

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