Monday, November 12, 2007

Free Hippie Tam Pattern and how custom orders work

Today I would like to share a pattern for a longer hippie dreadlock tam, free to use for your personal hat projects. If you crochet hats for sale you may already know how to do it and I kindly ask you to incorporate your own stitch variations and imagination.
Here we go: wool blend yarn (chunky) and crochet hook size K
Chain 4 and join with sling stitch.
round 1: chain 3 (= 1 double crochet) and crochet 15 additional double crochet stitches (dc) into this ring, join with sling stitch (do this at the end of every row). You have 16 dc.

Round 2: Now we crochet 2 dc in each dc (=32 dc)

Round 3: *We skip 1 dc, make a chain, dc twice in next dc*, continue until the end

round 4: we crochet 1 dc in each space, also between the 2 dc, don't forget the chain after each dc
round 5: in order to increase we crochet 2 dc into each 2nd space

round 6 (final row of crown): 1 dc into each space, don't forget the chain stitches;)

For my tam I have reached the maximum width that I want to achieve, so now I will keep up this crochet pattern. The only thing to pay attention to is the end of the round. You need to keep the 1st dc and last dc in an alternating pattern, shown here.
showing it once again after a few rows:

I usually crochet up to a length of 11", a median which should work for most hair styles, make it at least 12" for someone with long thick dreadlocks.
You can use half-double loops for the final row and lace a tie-string through it.

Now a few comments on custom orders. On Ebay I sometimes receive the question if I make all my hats by myself. Yep, I do.
On my website and sometimes on Etsy I also accept custom orders.
I am always open for using your color choices, or even change the design.
Before I will mail out to the customer I always take a picture before weaving in the loose ends.
That way I can make final alterations if needed.
Here is a custom that I made for a buyer on Etsy.

It was too windy to take pictures outside, and I have to admit, I don't want to go back to indoor pictures. How dull! This hat doesn't have a tie-string yet which will keep the weight of the hair at the back of the head instead of pulling down the hat in the back (as it appears in this picture since there is no tie-string yet).

Anyway, I hope I was of some help regarding a simple crown pattern for a dreadlock tam and showing a dreadlock tam in progress.
Happy crocheting!


Anonymous said...

I am looking at your pattern for a hippie tam do you make your brim for the hat?
thank you

Anonymous said...

in the 5th round the pattern doesnt seem to be too specific. In the photo it seems to have 2dc then 1dc, 2dc then 1dc.

Anonymous said...

in the 5th round, it doesnt make too much sense. from the look in the picture seems like 1dc then 2dc into the same space...

Byron said...

i dig this blogggg, thanks for your kind services of sharing this gift. I cannot figure out what a sling stitch is, could you or someone inform me please...Mahalo

Anonymous said...

a slimg stitch is the same as a slip stitch you are just joining the two together it kind of like just chaining into it

Mary said...

My fiance wants a hat like this for his wedding present. Thank you so much for giving such a wonderful tutorial. I am rusty at crocheting, so this is a real help.


Kyla said...

I am also curious as to how to add a brim to this hat! If you could email me, my email is

thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is very helpful as i have dreads that are growing. I would like to know how to make the brim though if you dont mind, my email is


Jessica said...

This hat doesn't have a tie-string yet - Can you tell me how to do the tie string please?

Shelby said...

Can you give me some direction on the brim of the hat and the tie string?