Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Tips 16 - 17 (of 20) to survive the holiday rush of a cottage industry

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16. Giving thanks for my (e-) businesses Purple Sage Designz and Retro Chic Boutique is important to me. I had experienced how difficult it can be to maintain a Brick&Mortar business in Germany long before online selling was a possibility. I am grateful for my online venues and easy set-up of a business license in the USA. I also own my first home in Oklahoma and my cottage business allows to work inside this home without spending most of the day at someone else's work place. The pleasure that I get out of these opportunities can not be measured in $$$ only, but are a life style that I had visioned for a long time. I think this point of self-reflection is very appropriate today on Thanksgiving Day. And yes, the turkey breast and all side dishes were delicious, I have a cozy warm feeling inside.

17. In respect of changes made on some of my online selling venues I thought a lot about independence today. Being Indie! Own branding, self confidence in the way you conduct your business and the balancing act of watching the overall market and stay true to your own designs. Pricing, presentation and advertisement usually develop over time and we have our own comfort zone of price range, target customers and the way we feel about solicitation in social spaces. I keep my prices in the lower range because I believe that not every one is willing or able to pay over $30 for a hat. I don't live in NYC either, so my profit still puts food on our table.
I don't look at the lowest Ebay prices either, been there, done that and have moved on. Joining every online team or group just to post a link to my stores has not been beneficial either. I hate bragging,'s just not my style. I strive to stay true to myself. I am confident in my own abilities and I don't worry a whole lot about what other people do. Of course I see a lot of online selling fraud and misrepresentation going on since I am not blind. I am not indifferent, but I make my choices of where to engage with my contributions and where not. In German we have a saying ..."Don't throw pearls to the hogs".

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