Monday, November 5, 2007

Pleasurable Coffee Break -- Featured on blog and music

So I just found I am featured on a big blog, oh my, that's so cool.
Thanks so much, Gimla!
An awesome blog about HAIR.
And here is the feature of several tam sellers on Etsy.
While I sip my caffe latte I listen to Xavier Naidoo. There has never been a German artist who makes the German language sound so beautiful, and his lyrics are superb. Never heard any crap phrase in his music.

Sometimes I get very homesick...then I enjoy these pictures of Pressath, Bavaria

"Gruess Gott", tradtional greeting instead of "hi"everywhere in the area, means "greet the Lord"

Narrow steep streets in the old downtown area, a nightmare for large vehicles

View of the close by volcano "Rauher kulm", popular recreational target for hikers or for a coffee with a view.

No matter where you are in Pressath, the church tower is a scenic focal point

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