Thursday, November 8, 2007

Buying for a little girl is just fun

So I got up this morning and dreaded my dentist appointment, but went after all. I am so glad that I did because I completed my scheduled dentist work for 2007. More work will be done in 2008, but I got almost all of my major problems taken care of.
So on my way home I stopped at the store and was looking around for a gift for my sponsor child through the "Crafting with A Cause" group and fell in love with this Christmas bear. Hmmm, I am no grandma yet, but I get a bit of the taste I guess. It must be so cool to go shopping for a little girl or boy (pardon, boys are cool, too).
Now that I was already on the roll of getting things done, I even got a haircut. I am so happy I look like myself again:) To top it off, I managed to buy my yarn supply today as well (I usually do this Fridays) and have mailed all my packages. Yeah.
I have also finished a new pretty chili red tam, but I didn't have enough light left to take decent pictures. This will be on my to do list tomorrow, but sometimes a day turns out so much better than expected. I didn't believe it would be a good day at 6 am, but at 6 pm I am kicking back and will have a delicious bowl of chili and just relax.

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