Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Tips 13 - 15 (of 20) to survive the holiday rush of a cottage industry

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I was busy and business had been great, so I took a break from blogging, but I am back to continue my survival tips.

13. Flexibility saved me earlier this week. And it confirmed once again that you cannot write your work schedules into stone, but have to adapt to changing circumstances the best you can. On Monday I attended a funeral with my DH Sid and additionally to Sunday's sweat-lodge it took out time from crafting. Well, I made up for it by working longer at night and since DH was on vacation he helped getting my packages ready. Live life first as it comes.
If you are interested in sweat lodges, you may find this website interesting. A very good general summary of sweat lodge ceremonies.

14. Keep plenty of supplies on hand. It's not the time of the year to run back and forward to the craft store because you ran out of a certain color. On top of that you may get a different dye lot and the slightly different color usually shows in your project. If you can afford it, buy the classic colors in bulk and don't worry about it again until you are down to your last 1 or 2 skeins. I love yarn shopping, so, I don't have a problem with spending on yarn, that's weird because otherwise I am rather tight with my money:)

15. Custom orders are a great way to work with your customers, but stay realistic about how many you can take on. they always take longer than anticipated and the nice extra money may cause you more headaches and worries than joy. Take it from me, I had to ship a package with express 2 days before Christmas last year in order to fulfill my obligations. It was a lesson to be learned.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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