Friday, February 1, 2008

February -- Creativity Challenge

I don't have a particular love for the month of February, actually I am always glad when it has passed. The cold, snow and ice don't seem right at this time of the year and anything can happen, sunshine and spring warmth one day, return of the winter the next day. This year I will do something different,I'll commit myself to taking on a new project everyday, out of my box and on the experimenting side. Plus, commit myself to post these novelties on my blog daily.

Today I'll start out with my "handmade" packaging supplies. Mind you, I am not a paper person, never did like paper crafts, but I set all my doubts to the side and scrapped up some hang-tags. Actually they are quite pretty, could be refined, but it's a start.

I package my hats in brown paper bags, unbleached. This batch doesn't show a very good stamp design. My other star rubber stamp has a much better effect, but you get the picture, there is always room for improvement, especially for my beginning self.
Now I cut up one page of store-bought design paper (I didn't have any cool paper goods saved, so I invested in a thick book with design paper at Hobby Lobby).
I print my information on a plain sheet of white paper (I paste it onto the print page multiple times, as often as it fits onto 1 sheet with little cutting room between the text blocks), and include company name, handmade in the USA and care instructions for my crochet items. Last but not least a material list and a Thank You of course. I cut this sheet of paper with a scalloped-edge scissors which hides imperfections or not so straight cut lines (cost around $2). I glue the white instruction sheets onto the blank side of the design paper with non-toxic glue stick (the one that is approved for children's use, to make sure no toxins get into my package).
I punch a hole through the hang-tag and fasten a ribbon, crinkle ribbon, jute cord or yarn around the package and tie the hang tag to it. Usually I add a business card and a wrapped bag of tea just as a little extra.
Well, it's fun and I make a whole batch once I am at it. It's personal, it's thrifty, it's not plastic and reflects my store pretty much.

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