Thursday, January 31, 2008

Every day is different

I am pretty much stuck at home today, without 4-W-D. Yesterday I had set my mind on spring crafts and was going to retire my thick yarns until next fall, but life in general and the weather are just so unpredictable. I sold about 6 hats within a few short hours.

I started a shopping bag made with recycled grocery plastic bag and it really was a struggle first since it's a completely new medium to crochet with. It doesn't have any give like yarn and I have set the half-finished bag to the side for now and I am back to make new hats.
As always, I use my own patterns and construction methods since I have crocheted for so many years, but I got inspiration and ideas on how to prepare the plastic yarn at


High Desert Diva said...

Your view looks similar to mine....snow everywhere and a 2 wheel drive vehicle to go with it!

Alorinna said...

That looks cold, but so beautiful! It snowed here in Atlanta a few days ago and it was quite magical. Of course, it only lasted a day before it melted and I didn't have to drive anywhere ;)