Saturday, January 26, 2008

Slow and Introspective Days

Hello friends, I have a lot of time on hands these days. My beloved little Saturn gave up on a cold night and needed to be hauled into a repair shop with a wrecker because there was "no spark" anymore. This left me pretty much stranded at home.
The last quarter of the month is usually a slow month for every business, so, orders were scarce and I had the chance to round up all these unfinished projects. I finally kicked myself in the behind and listed them in my Etsy shop. More to come as I have procrastinated taking pictures for the whole month of January. It was a much needed break after Christmas, but it's time to fire up again:)
This afternoon I will attend a Native American sweat lodge ceremony and pray for a good year.
2008 started in a weird way for me, not really bad, but a little bit on the bumpy side. I just had another big dentist bill in the mail box yesterday. And this doesn't include the upcoming teeth extractions yet. And my little Saturn will cost me some $$$, too.
Our son moved from Idaho back to Oklahoma and started a new job. He stays in my hubby's craftroom which has been quickly transformed into a little bedroom. Well, Sid's computer equipment and desk has been moved to our bedroom for the meanwhile. Clint will look for his own place once his paychecks come rolling in. I enjoy having him at home. A tansitional phase for our family these days.
I need to think spring and start sewing again since the demand for warm tams will get less with each month. But our low temperatures make it hard to develop this energetic "spring fever".
There is a life without a car. But it's a hobbit's life at home more or less, but coming from Germany where I did not always own a car, it's not such a big deal. And it has been promised to have it ready by Monday anyway.
Slow days can be a blessing if you embrace them and just let life take its course.

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